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Using Foot Temperature To Assess Foot Health

What Does It Do?

1. Easy control and effective use

The Podium System is made for ease of use, achieving top-quality foot scans every time.

2. Central Patient Data Access

Podium provides a central hub for all your patients' scans and questionnaire answers which can be remotely accessed.

3. Qualitative and Quantitative data

The Podium App includes questions on patients' symptoms and history plus a note-taking feature to enhance future review and treatment pathway monitoring.

4. Clear Organised Data Presentation

Podium System data presentation options allow the clinician and patient to clearly visualise current and historic foot health data, incentivising patients to continue their self-care pathways.

5. Portable for Remote Use

The Podium Device weighs only 3kg enabling simple transportation for point-of-care patient monitoring. Scans can be taken remotely for later automatic uploading to the Podium Portal.

6. Accurate and Consistent

Our accurate and consistent technology allows objective evaluation of foot health by all health care professionals supporting multidisciplinary teams and remote review and assessment.



Where Can Podium Help?

Studies have identified several benefits of foot monitoring and thermography. According to published research, regular thermal assessments of patients’ feet could reduce the number of people admitted to hospital with a foot complication by 52% and those going to A&E with a foot-related issue by 40%. Meanwhile, the number of outpatients with a foot problem could also decrease by 25%. Regular thermal foot monitoring could reduce diabetic foot ulcers by up to 75%.

Podium can improve your treatment pathways and overall efficiency.

Thermography can help clinical experts in their diagnoses, treatments and aftercare patient pathways in specific disease areas.


About Us

Thermetrix is an ISO 13485 registered innovation leader in medical device manufacturing, focussing on thermography to support clinical diagnoses and care pathways.

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Thermetrix staff were involved in a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) project which confirmed that foot temperature is strongly associated with inflammation and subsequent ulceration. This led to the development of the Podium system for routine clinical use.

Harnessing the latest science and proven technology, Thermetrix develop innovative products to empower clinicians in managing patient foot care - simply and effectively.

The Podium System provides tools to assist healthcare professionals in their daily assessment of feet minimizing the initial occurrence and subsequent representation of critical foot complications such as diabetic foot ulcers leading ultimately to amputations.

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